Monday, April 2, 2012

Thanks...but don't come in.

It is almost Easter! This is one of my favorite holidays! There is no other service that can bring me to tears as often as Easter. I always find it a struggle to hold myself together through the songs, music has always spoken to my heart, to fully grasp the sacrifice and power that was lived out on our behalf.....but more on that another time!

I don't know how you celebrate at your house but in my house we never made a big deal of the Easter bunny. Really it all started with Meridith who was terrified of the Easter bunny as a 2-4 year old. In fact, we couldn't even go to the mall from March - April for fear of bumping into him (no really she was hysterical)! So the Easter bunny was never allowed in our house. We had to post a sign on the front door which read "Thank you for the treats but please dont come in". He would "leave" the goodies on our front porch and we would hide them that day. As the girls got older and our roles at church on Easter morning increased, the secular celebration of Easter took a smaller and smaller role.
This year as we were talking through the details of Easter morning, Rachel said,"Come on mom you can tell me the truth, I don't think there is an Easter bunny. What do you think? What's your guess mom?" after reflecting the question back to her a few times (also how we deal with Santa, who may have seen his last Christmas.....sniff) I finally asked her if she really wanted me to answer her. "Ha! I knew it!" she exclaimed, " that never made any sense to me!" She then followed up with, "I bet there is no tooth fairy either, that one always seemed crazy to me!" Then a moment later "We still get the stuff right?"

That kid cracks me up! As sad as it can be to see them letting go of the fairy tales it excites us to no end, to watch them begin to grasp the true significance of these holidays. What a gift is that child-like faith Christ called us to!

If you don't have a church home why not join us for Easter...