Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Tears

I am a big sap.

It really is true I can shed happy tears over anything! I often thouroughly embarrass my children because the mere mention of their grades in school can send me reaching for the tissues.

I was recently the guest reader in Rachel's first grade class. Choosing the story was no easy task, apparently I am FAR too dramatic when I read "Don't Let The Pigeon Stay up Late"! She was quite worried I would make her the laughing stock by actually yawning, rather than just reading the word "yawn". But once I began reading (and yes i actually yawned),she was so excited; smiled from ear to ear as the kids giggled and laughed along with the story. Watching her little face it was all I could do to keep from completely humiliating her by bursting into happy tears.

The same thing happened last weekend as I watched Meridith take long and sleek strokes down the length of the pool (nearly plowing over her swim coach). Remembering a few short years ago when the thought of the deep end would send her to fits of nail biting which would leave her bleeding, I sat on the bench desperately trying to hide the tears from my daughter's glance. I didn't worry about the other moms, I know they understand, something about being a mom,blessings bring us happy tears.

I think about how Mary must have felt as the shepherds, wiseman and prophets paid honor to her son. On some level she must have known all He would do for us. The bible tells us she treasured all things in her heart. I bet she cried happy tears!